Storage Classic car

Garaging your car with GPS Classic not only means finding a place to store it, but finding a team of experts who will maintain and treasure it.

Guarding the car for personal at GPS Classic means above all preserving and if possible improving the condition of the car, using particular methods, such as simply starting the engine at regular intervals or providing more particular care which can be planned beforehand with the client.

The depositing of the car is in a designated area of the building, protected by a sophisticated alarm system, connected to the local police station, guaranteeing the safety of the car, equipment and instruments.


GPS Classic not only provides superb technical assistance, but also assists the client on a personal level, simplifying ones participation in these major events. Thanks to past experience, knowledge about the places and the people, GPS Classic is able to fulfil on the clients behalf all the practical elements; subscribing to the event, the transfer of the car and people, booking flights, hotels, rental cars and any other specific requirements made upon request.

Gpsclassic – Storage Classic car

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