GPS Classic

How GPS Classic was born and what it represents

GPS Classic is a combination of art and passion born from the people who believed in this idea, managing to turn a fantastic project into a full-fledged business since February 2003.

Tommaso Gelmini, the founder of GPS Classic and the start of his career in the vintage car world

Tommaso Gelmini had just obtained his driver’s licence when he indulged in his first classic car in memory of his father. This is how he became part of this extraordinary world of classic cars from private collectors. Thanks to his carefully cultivated passion, technical and historical knowledge of cars and his customers, he built a company based on culture and specific past knowledge.

This is exactly what Tommaso decided to do: to turn his greatest passion into his life’s work, after a three-year stint around the world as F1 sponsor manager for Ferrari and a brief stint in Andrea De Adamich’s Dorado Company as Sales Manager.
Tommaso decided not to let more time pass before living his dream. In February 2003, after careful considerations and well-developed synergies, the entrepreneur and his most loyal contractors gave a name to this skill-rich passion by creating GPS Classic.

GPS Classic is also about people and passion

The core of the company is made up of a team of specialised mechanics, who have more than 30 years’ experience in racing and road cars. Tommaso Gelmini is supporting these masters of the art with a young, passionate and motivated workforce that will guarantee continuity of operation and a long life for GPS Classic and thus respecting his vision.