Restoration Classic car

The heart of GPS Classic is represented by the repair shop which covers an area of over 500sq. Metres, containing specialised zones for specific mechanical tasks.

One of the most important areas is designated to mechanical restoration and overhaul of engines, gearboxes, differentials, clutches, braking and suspension systems. Here an expert team evaluate the problem and study a definite answer, which they implement, test and re-evaluate, always bearing in mind the characteristics of the car and guaranteeing the client excellent reliable results.

GPS Classic is also specialised in the preparation of the car for competitions, where the engines can be tested for a smooth and stream-lined running, using high technological machinery and engine test bench.

Another section is dedicated to the production of spare parts, developed and created under the roof of GPS Classic, produced specifically by order. All the necessary machinery to reproduce and modify any type of component can be found here, pledging maximum quality and accuracy.

The final section of the production area is in the hands of highly skilled workers, who touch up specific areas of the car, such as the carburettors and the reproduction of electrical circuits/components.

Gpsclassic – Restoration Classic car

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