THE WORKSHOP: the soul of the whole business

Our workshop is the heart of the company, where everything started and continues to expand and improve to make our service perfect.

The Restoration Workshop

The workshop is split into areas, the main one being dedicated to restorations and overhauls of engines, gearboxes, differentials, brake systems and suspensions.

This is where our experienced team operates. Its work is not limited to solving mechanical issues, but also includes the analysis of possible alternative solutions to ensure maximum car reliability and usability. For us, respecting originality and distinctiveness are fundamental elements.

Engine test room

Inside the workshop we have a test room with a Borghi & Saveri eddy current brake where all overhauled engines are run in, tested and optimised before installation in the car.

This important step ensures that we only complete the installation in the car when it has been approved by the test room.